Environmental Policy

As Oakridge Timber Ltd is committed to supporting the responsible management of the World’s forests, we have taken steps to ensure that our sourcing policy is carried out under a monitored scheme.

We are able to supply an increasing range of products as FSC® and PEFC certified.

Chain of custody (COC) Certification is a process of ensuring that a forest product has come from a legal and responsible source. It is a link from the initial logging stage through the supply chain, potentially ending with the end user.

In the UK, COC Certification is becoming an industry standard for companies buying and selling timber, panel and paper products to demonstrate that they source their products responsibility. Over 50% of timber bought into the UK is now legal and responsibly sourced, with nearly 600 companies having achieved Chain of Custody Certification.

We are committed to sourcing and increasing the volume of our timber and timber products from suppliers who demonstrate good practices from well managed resources.

Further information and copies of the relevant certificates are available upon request.