Rounded Stakes

Our Machine rounded Stake, Poles and Rails are a range of evenly turned round or half round timber posts ideal for equestrian, agricultural or general landscaping projects. Originally produced as jump poles for horses these timbers are of a uniform diameter and ideal for equestrian use or as a basic component in a landscaping project. All supplied pressure treated.

Key sizes: – 3.6m x 100mm Machine Round Jump Poles / 3.6m x 100mm Machine Half Round Rails / 1.8m x 100mm Machine Round & Pointed Posts.


Wire Stock fence supplied in a galvanised finish. Standard 50m C8/80/15. Please ring if you require different heights or sizes.

Stock fencing

Stakes (also known as cundy or peeled) are a basic range of round or half round timber posts ideal for either agricultural, equestrian or landscaping projects. The stakes we supply are a rustic uneven finish with a sawn point when required, diameters are approximate due to the nature of the product and they are supplied in a pressure treated finish. If you require a more uniform post please look at the Machine Rounded section above.

Key sizes: – 1.8m x 75-100mm Cundy pointed stake / 1.8m x 100mm Half Round pointed stake

stock fence
Machine rounded stakes