Packing Case & Pallet Timber

We supply export packing case companies and the pallet trade with heat – treated 56/30 ISPM15 compliant packing case timber, which is also FSC registered timber as sustainably sourced.

ISPM15 is the international standard for the treatment of wooden packaging and pallets. It was implemented to protect the world’s forests from disease by providing a guarantee that timber based pallets and packing cases being sent overseas are free of disease or infestation. ISPM15 registration is essential for any export packing case or pallet company.

We stock a full range of Heat Treated timber to meet the new phytosanitary regulations that many countries have introduced. We provide all the information as required by the wood-marking programme. We also of course provide all relevant certificates and information on both delivery tickets and invoices to verify the origin of the heat-treated timber. Where required, stamping of the timber with the appropriate ISPM15 stamp can also be carried out.

Being bulk buyers of Homegrown, Russian and Scandinavian timber, we are able to offer very competitive rates on your material requirements from 1m3 lots to pack quantities to full lorry loads.

For special requirements we provide a full cut to length crosscutting service, which many companies use to minimise cutting in their own workshop, which provides a cost effective means of faster production. Competitive rates are available upon application.

Dunnage Timber for Docks and Cargo Handling

Being close to the main dock facilities in the South such as Southampton, Portsmouth and Poole we supply a wide range of timbers for use in containers and general cargo loading requirements. This can involve sizes from 75 x 75 and 50 x 100 right up to bulk sizes such as 150 x 150, 100 x 200 and 75 x 200. Lengths can be standard 2.4m / 4.8m or can be cut to specific lengths or sizes. We are very responsive to urgent requirements and delivery can be made same day if required.

Sawn Stock Sizes
16 x 75/100/150mm
19 x 75/100/150mm
22 x 75/100/150mm
38 x 38/75/100/150mm
50 x 50/75/100/150/200mm
75 x 75/100/150/200mm
100 x 100/200mm

Prepared Stock Sizes
22 x 50mm PAR – 19 x 45mm Finished Size
22 x 75mm PAR – 19 x 70mm Finished Size
22 x 150mm PAR – 19 x 145mm Finished Size
50 x 50mm PAR – 44 x 44mm Finished Size
50 x 100mm PAR – 44 x 94mm Finished Size

Packing Case Timber

Oakridge Timber can supply packing case timber, wooden packing, pallet timber, dunnage timber and all ISPM15 Heat Treated timber.
We deliver to all areas of Southampton, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Fareham, Dorset and Hampshire.